New Chapter in My Career
by on December 30, 2015 11:11 PM in Mixing New material Producing

So…I would like to announce that my latest instrumental release “THREE”, will be the last Progressive Instrumental music I will be releasing any time soon. Or under my name for that matter. I would say I’m not making Progressive music ever again, but prog music is mainly a passion for someone like me. As it doesn’t generate any income really apart from some Bandcamp donations. And passion doesn’t die easily with me as I’m naturally very passionate. I’m super grateful for all the things my albums have accomplished thanks to God! But I feel my priorities in music has to change a bit. Along with my vision and what I want in terms of a music career. To get me where I want to go. This being focused mainly in my local music scene for now.

I will be focusing on my other passions in music. Such as producing other artists and bands, studio work and pursuing different genres in guitar playing and composing too. Like Country, Blues, Pop & Singer-Songwriter stuff. I have quite a vast spectrum of music styles I like. Not sure how much of you knew that? Thus the reason for my choices.

All my instrumental material will remain on my webpage and Bandcamp profile. But will not be pursued much further than requested (if requested – workshops for ex).

Thanks to the people who DID listen to the albums. Really appreciate all the support!!! And hope the music meant something to you like it was intended to.

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